Have faith in yourself and others

Fear cripples our ability to move forward. It amplifies thoughts of doubt and worry, which in turn increases the stress we feel. To remedy fear there is the medicine of faith:

Have faith in yourself: you are more capable thank you have ever imagined. Believe that you can work hard, endure, keep on keeping on, succeed, etc. You might fail at times, but usually we get further when we have faith in ourselves. You’ve got this!

You are more capable that you have ever imagined

Have faith in others: the world has its idiots, but people are not all bad. Let your guard down a little and dare to believe that others will be there for you, and they will let you be there for them. Contrary to capitalistic belief, life is not always a competition where I need to have the comparative advantage: competition causes us to run against others rather than with others. Find the pack of trusted people you can run through life with – they will help release joy in your heart that compares the fear you might be feeling.

Find the pack of trusted people you can run through life with

Choose faith.

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