Creativity doesn’t need to be messy

I came across the above image a few weeks ago. Every time I see it I think “that mind looks like it’s releasing chaos”. We are all wired differently: some of us require structured ways of being, while others thrive on the oceans of chaos. We tend to believe that creatives are on the chaoticContinue reading “Creativity doesn’t need to be messy”

The Value of following a Life Vision

There are many benefits of having a life vision and knowing what progress you want to make. Here are seven benefits of having Vision for your life or organisation: It focuses your attention on what is important It helps us to persevere when the going gets tough It clarifies our lives and defines who we areContinue reading “The Value of following a Life Vision”

Working together is at the heart of it all

Ripon YMCA is a Social Housing Provider situated in the heart of Ripon and serving young people from the wider locality. This year Ripon YMCA will have been serving young people and the local community for 102 years. We have a rich and varied history of working drawing alongside vulnerable young people and helping themContinue reading “Working together is at the heart of it all”


Transformation is a big word with big connotations. I wonder what it makes you think about? For some it will make you think about dramatic change – the difference between colour and shades. For others it will have connotations of Transformational “leadership” made popular through the theories and writings of Bernard Bass, Warren Bennis andContinue reading “Transformation”

Are you a city on a hill or a spooky castle?: Thoughts on discipleship and leadership

I was listening to the EntreLeader Podcast recently as I drove to work. The presenter described the interviewee as ‘a city on a hill’. I loved that description and was struck by the thought that Christ-centred people are called to be cities on a hill. And then I thought… …AM I A CITY ON A HILL?Continue reading “Are you a city on a hill or a spooky castle?: Thoughts on discipleship and leadership”

Leadership and the Gospel

I have been around churches for 38 years at the time of writing. I have experienced many churches, faith groups and forms of Christian community. Some have been positive and a true source of blessing; some negative and abusive; some neutral and nice. But one thing they all have in common is that they areContinue reading “Leadership and the Gospel”